3 Ways to Support Your Little One's Intelligence at His Age to Explore Freely

The age of the first child can be one of the most important moments in his life. The age of one year is also still included in the golden period which is an important period to optimize growth and development. Therefore, it is important for Moms to take advantage of this golden period to maximize the intelligence of the baby.

At this age, your little one usually begins to move and explore their environment more. Everything he saw always caught his attention. If at this age your little one is actively moving, it means that the growth process takes place normally. Babies who are active and love to move also have the potential to have kinesthetic intelligence or body smart. For the smart body, moving a lot is one way to learn. To optimize his kinesthetic intelligence and help him explore freely, let's do the following 3 things, Moms!

Give Complete Nutrition

Babies who have reached the age of one year can already consume complementary foods so that a balanced diet is very important for their growth and development. So, make sure he gets his nutritional intake from various types of food so that he gets complete nutrition, starting from protein, vitamins, fats, and other healthy nutrients.

Don't forget to also meet your little one's iron needs. Lack of iron will cause a lack of oxygen in the blood so that it can slow down the work of the brain and muscles. Therefore, babies who are iron deficient will look less active and their growth slow. This is the reason why you need to include foods that contain iron in your little one's diet so that he can always be active and explore freely. This iron nutrient is found in spinach, liver, eggs, red meat, kidney beans, and oatmeal.

Give the Right Stimulation

The right stimulation will also optimize the intelligence of the Little One. Stimulation that can be given to the Little One, for example, is by inviting him to play. There are many things that your little one can learn from playing because playing makes his five senses active so that it stimulates the formation of brain cells. Moms can also provide age-appropriate toys, such as soft blocks or cube toys made of soft foam, mini musical instruments, and kinetic sand. Let him explore with his toys because exploring will give your little one good motor development.

Support the Comfort of Your Little One's Movement

Because your little one has started to explore a lot of different kinds of movements, moms also need to support their movements and activities so that they always feel comfortable. To support the movement of your little one who is more agile, make sure to give him comfortable clothes. Make sure your little one's clothes are made of soft materials, easily absorb sweat, and have sufficient thickness.

In addition to clothes, you also need to put on the right baby diaper for your little one. Differentiate the diapers that your little one uses during the day and at night because the activities that your little one does during the day and at night are different. During the day, Moms can put on diapers that can absorb fluids quickly so that she doesn't feel disturbed while playing. Sweety Silver diapers can be the right choice to support your little one's activities during the day. In addition to the material that is able to absorb fluids quickly, Sweety Silver's diaper pants also fit perfectly on your little one's body so they are not afraid to leak and are comfortable to use.

Well, for the night, wear a diaper that is not too thick with a comfortable shape so that he can sleep soundly. Choose a thinner diaper design, such as the Sweety Gold pant diaper. Besides being comfortable, Sweety Gold's diaper pants also have Diamond Layer technology which is able to absorb liquids more quickly and evenly, so that the surface of the diaper remains dry and not damp. Because it can meet your little one's comfort from day to night, Sweety can be your little one's comfortable friend for 24 hours.

Those are three ways Moms can do to support the development of one-year-old children and their little one's free movement. Come on, always support your little one's comfort in exploring so that the potential of your little one's smart body grows!


baby sleeping

A baby who can sleep soundly at night is every mother's dream, right? Moreover, good and quality sleep can support your little one's growth and development to be more optimal. This is because growth hormone is produced and circulated throughout the body more optimally when the little one sleeps. Well, one way to help your little one sleep well is to turn on soft music as a lullaby. To find out what types of music can help your little one sleep better, let's take a look at the following five types of music!

Soft Jazz Music

Playing jazz music that rhythmically swings at your little one as a lullaby can make the little one's heart rate slow down slowly, so the little one will feel calmer and more peaceful, and sleepy faster. However, it should be noted, Moms, that not all jazz music is suitable for your little one. Therefore, try jazz music specifically for babies, such as Michael Janisch's Jazz for Babies album.

Not only does it make your little one sleep well, you can also feel calm when you hear the music. In addition, jazz music can also have other positive influences for your little one, such as making your little one's mood better and stimulating your little one's cognitive.

Regular Classical Music

Music that is known to calm your little one with its regular and harmonious tone is classical music. The repetitive rhythm of classical music even sounds like the rhythm of the movement of the fetus in the womb so that it can create a feeling of comfort and evoke the little one's memories of his experiences while in the mother's womb which is full of tranquility. Therefore, when you listen to classical music to your little one before bedtime, your little one will find it easier to feel calm, safe and comfortable until finally falling asleep more easily. Classical music can also help your child's brain development and will make him appreciate music more when he grows up.

Relaxing Pop Music

Maybe Moms doubt whether pop music can help your little one sleep well or not. It turns out, pop music is one option that is worthy of being listened to by the Little One. Although the tone is not as regular as classical music, relaxing pop music provides a soothing rhythm for your little one because the rhythm will remind your little one of the sound of your heartbeat while in the womb. Make sure to choose soothing pop music so your little one can feel relaxed and sleepy faster.

Swinging Traditional Music

Not only popular music, traditional music can also be an alternative to lullaby music for your little one. The combination of beautiful strains and the slow tempo of various sounds of traditional musical instruments, such as the xylophone and angklung, can make your little one's body more relaxed. In addition, the rhythm created by these traditional musical instruments will invite your little one to feel sleepy, so that over time they will fall asleep calmly and soundly.

Soothing Ambient Music

Ambient music is music that uses sounds from nature to evoke a sense of calm. The sounds of nature usually vary, ranging from the sound of water, wind, rain, crickets, and other natural sounds. The combination of these sounds makes your little one feel the serenity of nature so he can sleep more soundly.

Well, those are the types of music for newborns that can make your little one sleep more easily and soundly. In addition to turning on soft music, your little one will also sleep better if he wears good diapers and leak-proof diapers. One of the best baby diapers for newborns is the Sweety Gold Comfort baby diaper which is equipped with Diamond Layer Technology innovation, able to perfectly distribute and absorb fluids and 50% does not touch the skin. This Sweety Gold Comfort newborn diaper also has a very soft surface layer, circulates air, and has been clinically tested by an Australian Dermatologist so it is safe for newborn skin or any sensitive baby's skin. The quality of your little one's sleep will also be of higher quality #mumknowsbest

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